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Driving with a Medical Condition

Mandatory reporting of medical conditions

Mandatory Reporting of medical conditions is the legislative requirement of all licence holders to notify the Department of any long term or permanent medical condition they suffer from, if they haven't previously notified the Department.

Any physical disability or mental disorder that is likely to impair a person's ability to control a motor vehicle is what is referred to as a permanent or long term medical condition. A range of medical conditions, as well as certain treatments, may impair a person's ability to undertake the complex task of driving a motor vehicle. These conditions may impair the driver's perception, judgment, response time and reasonable physical capability. If you are unsure if your medical condition is required to be reported, Ask your GP.

What constitutes a medical condition

Should I report a medical condition even if I have not experienced any symptoms for some time?

Yes. You are required to inform the Department whether you have a long term medical condition that may affect your driving even if the symptoms are under control. In many instances, upon a health professional's advice, you would most likely be able to continue driving, but it is important that the information has been reported.

I need to wear glasses or contact lenses for driving; do I have to tell the Department?

Yes, you are required to advise of your need to wear suitable visual aids whilst driving, if you have not previously notified the Department. These details will then be updated on your driver's licence.

How will my insurance be affected if I don’t report my condition and have an accident?

There may be ramifications such as not being covered by your third party insurance, however you will need to check with your individual private insurance company.

When I report my medical condition, how will my licence be affected?

How your licence is affected by the declaration of your medical condition depends on the condition itself and the action taken by the Department in determining your fitness to hold a driver's licence. You may be asked to:

  • Undertake a medical assessment with your health professional, or

  • Undertake a practical driving assessment, or

  • Your licence may be amended requiring you to only drive under certain circumstances.

How do I report my medical conditions?

If you have a medical condition and/or take any medication that may affect your ability to drive, you must notify the Department. Here you will find examples of medical conditions you should report and what conditions may be applied to your licence.


You can report your medical condition to the Department of Transport by phone or by completing their on-line form which is available on their website.


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