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Artists must be current patients or relatives of current patients attending Belgravia Medical Centre or the WA Iron Centre.

The Artwork must be framed and have the facility for attachment to the hanging system of the Gallery.

Acceptance of artwork is at the sole discretion of the curator of the BACG.


There is no cost to exhibit artwork.


Artists are welcome to price their artwork for sale. It is the artists' responsibility to determine the price of the artwork if it is intended for sale. BACG will take a commission of 15% (plus GST) for sales of artwork. It is the artists' responsibility to inform the BACG curator if the artwork is not available for sale (if not already sold) after the exhibition closes.


Exhibitions run for approximately 4 months and it is expected that artwork provided for any one exhibition will be available for the entirety of that exhibition. Dates are available on the BACG exhibition agreement.


The staff of BACG are responsible for the installation and de-installation of artwork. It is th artists' responsibility to provide artwork to the BACG by the date requested by BACG, and collect artwork as soon as possible after the de-installation date.

Exhibition Agreement

Artists are required to read and sign an agreement with the BACG  prior to artworks being exhibited. Click on the button below to download a copy of the contract.

2024 Exhibition Dates

1 May 2024

11 September 2024


2025 Exhibition Dates


12 February 2025


We're currently collecting artworks for our next exhibition.

If you are a current patient of either Belgravia Medical Centre or the WA Iron Centre, or a family member of a current patient, we invite you to display your work in one of our exhibitions.

For more information check out this page, or give one of our friendly team a call on 9277 1113.

Tips for Writing

Artists are required to provide a written descrition of their artwork and a short biography when submitting artwork to be exhibited. This will be included on a plaque to accompany exhibited artwork and will also be included on the BACG website. A maximum of 150 words is requested, with the BACG staff responsible for editing the text if it does not fit onto the current templates. Click on the button below to download tips to help you write up your description and biopgraphy.


Whilst all care is taken, BACG does not take any responsibility for artworks in the gallery. Artists are responsible for insuring their own work.

Copyright and Documentation

While ownership/copyright remains with the artist, it is agreed that the artist and/or artwork, and any accompanying information about the artist/artwork may be photographed and/or scanned for reproduction in the following instances:

  • Printed or electronic invitations and other publicity material

  • The BACG website and its archives

  • Reviews and other articles

  • The gallery archives

  • Publications of the gallery (both print and electronic)


Permission will be sought from the artist before any additional publication of images containing their work. Artists will be acknowledged at all times.

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