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Consultant Pharmacist

What does our Consultant Pharmacist do?

Lee Nguyen is our accredited Consultant Pharmacist and is available to meet with you and discuss your medication needs.


One of the benefits of having a pharmacist as part of our clinical team is that there is time to have a conversation with patients to identify any issues or problems with medications. Providing specialist advice about medications, their interactions and possible side-effects, Lee will work with our patients to ensure that medications are used safely.

As an accredited consultant pharmacist, Lee will also conduct home medicines reviews (HMRs) for our patients in the convenience of their own home.

Annual cycle of care

What are the benefits of seeing our Consultant Pharmacist?

There are many benefits of talking with our consultant pharmacist, including:

  • Use medicines safely

  • Reduce your medications

  • Save yourself money!

  • Reduce medication-related problems & side effects

  • Learn about new medications & other treatment options

  • Medication monitoring

  • Improve your health

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