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Eye Drops - Correct Technique

There are many ways people put drops in their eyes and most of it is wrong. When it is correctly done the process should be painless and easily accomplished by yourself.

To correctly instil the drops follow these simple steps:

  1. Wash your hands and remove any contact lenses

  2. Shake the bottle and remove the cap

  3. Avoid touching the eye with the tip of the bottle

  4. Start by tilting your head backward while sitting, standing, or lying down. With your index finger placed on the soft spot just below the lower lid, gently pull down to form a pocket

  5. Look up. Squeeze one drop into the pocket in your lower lid. Don't blink, wipe your eye, or touch the tip of the bottle on your eye or face

  6. Close your eye. Keep closed for three minutes without blinking

  7. Place the index finger against the inner corner of the eye pressing against the nose for 1-2 minutes. This will prevent the drops escaping through the nose.

  8. If anther drop is required the process could be repeated in 3 minutes

Eye drops - correct technique
Drops treating glaucoma

Drops Treating Glaucoma

For those using drops to treat glaucoma, Dr Bradley Schuster provides a good description of the technique at:

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